Master Data

The data bank catalogues information such as names, contact information, addresses, and companies of clients.

If you are a B2B company, you can, after making first contact with a potential client, save the name, address, contact information, industry, sector (government, private, and so on), GST number, NTN number, and other notes about the business.

You can also add contact information for points of contact, or people you can get in touch with at the company to further speak about your product or service. The software allows you to store multiple contacts for the same business.

Daily Action Plan

The daily action plan sub-module logs the activities scheduled and performed by a person or team each day in relation to the customer.

These activities include any interaction that your employees have with leads or clients, such as calling and visiting companies.

The DAP sub-module notes information about employee-customer interactions, such as the type of visit made by the employee to the customer and the time at which the interaction took place.

The system also allows you to generate reports of the actions taken by employees of the company to win and retain clients.

Sales pipeline

The sales pipeline management sub-module records, stores, and manages data with respect to sales as well as sale history.

This sub-module tracks the entire sales process, including providing quotes for products/services to prospective clients, carrying out negotiations, confirming sales, and issuing an invoice.

The system also offers the option of storing and generating quotes and estimations for different products and services. After a sale has been completed, the information regarding the sale is then saved as sales pipeline history.

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