Complaint management

The complaint management sub-module records and manages any complaints submitted about products or services.

All information about a complaint submitted by a client is stored in this sub-module. This information may include the name of the complaining client,

the point of contact in the company, the nature of the complaint, the time the complaint was made, and to whom the complaint is assigned for resolution.

Movement management

The movement management sub-module is a log of activities performed by the support team in resolving complaints about products or services.

After a complaint has been received and stored in the complaint management sub-module, it is assigned to a member of or group of people from the support team. The member then takes actions to resolve the complaint, all of which are logged into this sub-module.

If a person working on resolving a complaint is assigned another complaint while on site, she will take actions to resolve the second complaint after the first, and her movements will be stored in the movement management sub-module. Therefore, this sub-module allows the recording of all movements taken for the resolution of complaints, including for multiple complaints that are being resolved simultaneously.

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