There’s a reason why the “Forgot Password” option exists on almost every website that requires a password. It’s because human’s forget. But our HR system doesn’t.

Our HR software eliminates the human error in tracking employee attendance. It knows and remembers the times of attendance and exit and the hours worked by each employee.

It also generates attendance reports, enables deductions for late arrivals, and lets you make inferences about employee performance.

Leave Management

Are you sick? Do you have to travel out of town for your best friend’s wedding? With our mobile-compatible HRMS,

it will take you just minutes to put in a request for leave! If you’re a part of management, you can not only approve and decline leave requests but also keep track of how many and what type of leaves an employee has taken. But that’s not all! If you have a sandwich leave policy, in which leave is deducted for weekly off-days or holidays.

If the employee applies for leave on the day preceding and succeeding them, Our HR management software can entertain a sandwich leave system. Among other customizable features, the gazetted holidays and proof attachment provisions make ___ the best HRIS software out there.

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