Student Database

The student database lists information such as the name, contact information, address, courses, GPA, and fees due of each student. The database also includes documents such as student birth certificates and medical records.

Staff Database

The staff database contains information about each member of staff in the institution, including her name, contact information, position, department, and salary.

Student Recruitment

The student recruitment module handles all functions pertinent to the recruitment of new students, including recording inquiries, and storing and processing application forms.

Accounting and Finance

This module makes it easy to keep track of expenses and accounts payable/receivable and eliminates the human error in financial calculations.

Exam Scheduling

Through the exam scheduling module, administrators can easily create an exam schedule keeping in view upcoming events and holidays.

Resource Planning

The resource planning module allows administrators to allocate resources for specific purposes and delegate tasks to staff.

Course Creation and Updating

Using the course creation module, administrators can add new courses to the course catalogue. They can also update existing courses through the module.

Announcements and Notifications

The administrator can make announcements and send memos to staff, instructors, students, and parents through the announcements and notifications module.

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