Student Database

The student database lists information such as the name, contact information, address, and grades of each student in the instructor’s class.


This module allows instructors to view their schedules so that they can remain aware of the classes they must teach and the events and meetings they are to attend.

Student Attendance

The student attendance module keeps track of each student’s attendance and tardiness. It also informs the instructors of the rate of attendance for each of their classes.


TThrough the grades module, instructors can view and update the grades of their students.

Tests and Assignments

The assignments module allows instructors to upload assignment instructions and receive student assignments. Through this module, instructors can also inform students about upcoming tests and exams

Course Material and Resources

Under this module, instructors can upload course material and resources such as websites and articles that students can access through the student portal.

Announcements and Notifications

TThrough the announcements and notifications module, instructors receive messages from the administration. They can also send notifications to students and parents.

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