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NK Consultancy

At Naseem Khan Consultancy, we have helped students gain admission to British universities for the past few years. Because we have quite a lot of students coming to us for help, we needed a system to simplify the extensive paperwork associated with each student and have all the student documents in one place.We told experts at NetRoots our requirements and they created a student management system for us that not only lets us store data and documents but also enables students to upload their documents and view their application status. The system has helped us consolidate all the student information and documents and has really eased our work. Great job!

Office Automation Group

NetRoots Technologies created an ERP system including HRMS and CRM for us. They automated all of our main business processes, and really simplified our work. Throughout the process, they remained in contact with us and took our suggestions and requirements into consideration. What we love about this ERP is that anyone can use it – young or old, tech-savvy or not! We are happy that we can focus on growing our business now that we don’t have to worry about doing everything manually.

Emtel Communications

We purchased an ERP system including some HR functions from NetRoots. We stock inventory belonging to other providers as well as our own. NetRoots ERP lets us account for the different ownerships of our inventory, which is not a feature that we found in the other ERPs we explored. The HR system within the ERP revolutionized our accounts and finance management! It greatly simplified the ‘request lifecycle’ through which office and site expenses are requested for and approved. Great product – we definitely recommend it no matter what your needs are because NetRoots will definitely customize the product according to them.

TUV Austria

We acquired a HR system from NetRoots, and have found it to exceed expectations. NetRoots was able to customize our software down to a T, creating for us a solution that addressed every one of our HR needs for an affordable price. Perhaps the best thing about the company was that their team worked closely with us to figure out what we need and then made us exactly that.

Sufi Flour Mills

Flour mills in Pakistan mostly operate in the traditional way, using manual records. We are glad that we made the switch. It was becoming difficult to keep record of and manually manage production and tracking and our ERP solved those problems. Our ERP also includes HR functions such as payroll and employee asset management. This makes keeping account of our finances much easier!